Pacific Statistical/Economic Briefing Dashboard, Covid-19 Economic Impacts Updates - Q2, 2022

Economic impact of COVID-19 on Q2 2022

The Pacific Statistical/Economic Briefing newly established dashboard summarises the latest available information on the leading economic indicators for the Covid-19 Economic impacts in the second quarter of 2022. The range of indicators compiled from administrative and related data available to governments including visitor arrivals, trade, remittances, foreign reserves, money supply, private sector credit, government tax revenues, expenditure, debt and employment showed mixed performances during the second quarter of 2022, reflecting the uneven economic conditions across the region arising from the covid shock.

This report is an interactive dashboard. To use it to its maximum potential, click on the filters or directly on the charts. You’ll see different icons that will help you through your navigation. Don’t hesitate to click on the “info” icon on the first three pages to understand how it is working.

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