Regional Statistics Governance

The 2017 HOPS Meeting endorsed the Pacific Community’s proposal for an enhanced Pacific statistics governance framework. The main purpose of stronger statistics governance at the regional level is to ensure that development partners, donors and member countries have in place a well-coordinated statistical development program, avoiding duplication of efforts and minimizing wastage of limited resources.

The approved governance structure has five primary components:

  1. Forum Economic Ministers Meeting (FEMM);
  2. Heads of Planning and Statistics (HOPS);
  3. Pacific Statistics Standing Committee (PSSC);
  4. Pacific Statistics Methods Board (PSMB); and a
  5. Donor and Development Partners Group (DDPG).

The following illustrates the different components of the framework and their objectives. The new governance framework became fully operational during 2018.

Committee/Meeting Objective(s) TORS


To provide strategic guidance and act as the principal decision-making body on significant regional statistics development matters, including governance.

Statistics Governance and Finance was endorsed as an annual Standing Agenda Item for the FEMM at its Meeting in April 2018.


2. HOPS Meeting

To provide senior-level strategic oversight, guidance, recommendations and decisions on all statistical matters placed before it.

HOPS will be held every two or three years depending on funding.

Next meeting scheduled for 2020.



To monitor implementation and progress of the Ten-Year Pacific Statistics Strategy (TYPSS) and other essential statistics-related processes.

To make decisions on operational matters and make recommendations to HOPS on strategic issues of importance for statistics development in the Pacific region.

PSSC meets in years when there is no HOPS meeting.



A technical body with the role of reviewing technical proposals on methodologies, identifying areas requiring research to identify international best practices and making appropriate decisions on technical matters or, in cases where it cannot make a final decision, make recommendations to PSSC and HOPS for further discussion and a decision.

Meetings usually held in May and November each year.


5. DDPG Meeting

To ensure that all relevant donors and development partners are provided with a means to better coordinate their actions and resource allocations, and to provide concrete inputs into statistics governance in the Pacific.

DDPG is not a decision-making body but is able to make recommendations to PSSC and HOPS on relevant statistical matters and issues.

Annual meeting usually held in August.