‘Sans frontières’ births, deaths, marriages: Cross-agency, cross-border data-sharing advocated in SPC report

May 5, 2024
Landmark research on the potential to share news of births, deaths and other life events across national agencies and borders has been shared by the Pacific Community, charting a new frontier for civil registration and vital statistics ahead of a major conference in the field.

Cook Islands births, deaths, marriages should be recorded digitally, advocates SPC-led report

April 23, 2024
The Pacific Community (SPC) and Cook Islands government collaborated on this work with support from the Vital Strategies–Bloomberg Philanthropies Global Grants Program.

Pacific statistical research and ‘innovative experiments’ proposals sought by 26 April in SPC–World Bank initiative

April 18, 2024
Stakeholders in Pacific statistics and development are invited to put forward proposals for statistical innovation and research that seeks to improve welfare data collection and accessibility in the region, with financing for a range of projects available.

Monitoring and measuring population health

March 21, 2024
Accurate medical certification is important for understanding the health status of a population.

Marshall Islands Workshop to Strengthen CRVS

March 15, 2024
Countries need accurate, reliable mortality data to monitor population health and guide public health decision-making. As well as to complete Voluntary National Reviews of the SDG targets and Healthy Islands Monitoring Framework (HIMF) indicators.

New Tonga Vital Statistics Reports

November 28, 2023
The Tonga National CRVS Committee has now endorsed for release their 2018-2020 Vital Statistics Report.

Assessing Inequalities in Registration of Births and Deaths in Fiji

November 11, 2023
Fiji is the first country, to our knowledge, to embark upon an in-depth quantitative inequality assessment,
examining differentials by sex, age, ethnicity, and mother’s marital status.

Niue is the first country in the world to fully implement the OpenCRVS software

November 9, 2023
A new digital civil registration and vital statistics system (CRVS) became available in Niue today, 9 November 2023.

Republic of Fiji Vital Statistics Report 2016-2021

September 25, 2023
This report provides statistics pertaining to births recorded by the Fiji Ministry of Health and Medical
Services (MHMS) and registered by the Civil Registration Office (CRO) for babies born during 2016-2021;
and deaths recorded by the MHMS for deaths that occurred during 2016-2021.

Assessment, Analysis and Redesign of Civil Registration and Vital Statistics Processes (CRVS) NIUE

September 5, 2023
This report documents the results of the work of the Niue’s CRVS stakeholders in assessing, analysing and redesigning birth and death registration processes using the ‘assessment, analysis, and redesign’ stage of the CRVS Systems Improvement Framework.