Consumer Price Index

The Consumer Price Index (CPI) measures changes over time in the general level of prices of goods and services that households acquire for the purpose of consumption.

The CPI is considered a key statistics in economic policy making. In many cases, the CPI was originally developed to measure changes in the cost of living of residents. Nowadays however, the CPI is also used as a key input for monetary policy and inflation targeting, and as a proxy for general inflation in the economy as a whole. 

CPIs are also often used in contracts as the measure to adjust payments for the effect of inflation. As a result, its measurement can have a substantial financial impact on households, private enterprises and government bodies.

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Changes in Consumer Prices in Selected PICTs in 2020

May 31, 2021
The outbreak of COVID-19 in the PICTs in 2020 led to many job losses, especially in the tourism and related industries, and a significant slowing-down in overall economic activity.

2020 pocket statistical summary

September 15, 2020
Our 2020 pocket statistical summary has arrived, providing a quick overview of statistics for the people and economies of the Pacific Community’s (SPC’s) member countries.

Palau CPI rebase: September 2016 = 100

July 21, 2018
Starting from the first quarter of 2018, the Palau Bureau of Budget and Planning has switched to calculating and publishing its quarterly Consumer Price Index (CPI) series based on an updated set of weights and basket of representative goods and services.

SDD Newsletter - June 2017

June 16, 2017
SPC-ABS workshop on updating the weight reference period of the Consumer Price Index
Solomon Islands children suffer stunted growth from malnutrition
Short Films from the Vanuatu National Statistics Office

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