Household Income and Expenditure Surveys

Household Income and Expenditure Surveys (HIES)s provide information on people’s living conditions and income/expenditure patterns. Data from HIESs are used for rebasing a country’s consumer price index, in the preparation of national accounts and to analyse poverty and hardship in communities.

Key Reports
  • Food security and Food consumption in Samoa
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  • 2018 Guam Statistical Yearbook
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  • ICAR Poster_Optimising the collection of consumption data produced through HIES
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  • Tuvalu household income and expenditure survey (HIES), Report 2015-2016
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    Tonga HIES

    News & Publications

    Wallis and Futuna Household Income and Expenditure Survey 2019/2020

    October 31, 2019
    SPC runs Household Income and Expenditure Survey training in Wallis from 14th to 25th October 2019.

    Tuvalu HIES 2016 Report

    November 7, 2018
    The Tuvalu HIES 2016 report is the first official output from the Tuvalu 2015/2016 HIES.

    Republic of the Marshall Islands HIES Experiment

    July 22, 2018
    Field operations for the HIES experiment – the HIES experiment – began this week. The experiment is being conducted in RMI with the objective to identify optimal methodologies to collect household consumption and expenditure data for use in economic and social policy formation.

    Tonga Household Income and Expenditure Survey 2015/2016 Report

    February 1, 2018
    This report is the third of its type to be published by the department, despite its long history since the early 1970s under the Ministry of Finance.