Economic Statistics Support

Economic Statistics are the set of (official) statistical indicators that concern various facets of a country or region’s economy such as, amongst others: output, international trade, the labour force and wealth. They play a vital role in evidence-based policymaking and therefore contribute directly and indirectly to the development of Pacific Island economies and the welfare of its residents. The Ten Year Pacific Statistics Strategy (TYPSS) considers the further development of economic statistics in the Pacific region a key priority.

The SPC Statistics for Development Division is a member of the Pacific Economic Statistics Technical Assistance Coordination Group (PESTAC), which was established in 2013 at the 13th session of the Pacific Statistics Steering Group (PSSC). The aim of the group is to:

  1. Identify overlaps TA work by country;
  2. Highlight gaps in TA provision; and
  3. Pre-empt bilateral or multilateral discussions on related technical work to foster better congruence in advice and outputs.

Currently, the economic statistics team at SPC consists of two Economic Statistics Advisors. The focus of their work mainly concerns the measurement of international trade and inflation. Services to member countries are rendered through targeted in-country technical assistance missions, capacity supplementation, facilitation of south-south support, and the coordination and organisation of training and workshops to alleviate knowledge gaps.

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