Sub-Regional Workshop on International Merchandise Trade Statistics Compilation and Export and Import Unit Value Indices

SPC is organising a workshop from 21 - 25 November 2016 in Guam for countries in the North Pacific on harmonised methods for the compilation of international merchandise trade statistics and the calculation of export and import unit value indices.  The focus of the workshop will be the creation of a commodity trade database and using that database for the construction of the unit value indices for imports and exports.

The workshop will be conducted by SPCs economic statisticians Ms Nilima Lal and Mr Rens Hendriks.

2015 Statistical Meetings and Events Schedule

Ref Date Event Host Type Attendance eligibility
26 23 – 27 November Workshop on Quality adjustments and item substitution in the CPI SPC/PFTAC Technical  
25 23 – 27 November
(Suva or Nadi TBC)
Pacific Statistics Steering Committee SOC Half-yearly meeting monitoring the implementation of the Ten Year Pacific Statistics Strategy 2011-2020 Restricted  (PSSC members)
24 26-28 October (Bangkok) SDG–IAEG 2nd meeting UNESCAP/UNSD Interagency Expert Group meeting Restricted (SDG-IAEG Members)
23 20 October WORLD STATISTICS DAY      
22 5 – 8 October
Workshop on Analysis and Use of Gender Statistics for Post-2015 Development SPC/ADB Technical By Invitation
21 5 – 8 October
Workshop on Strategic Planning for Agriculture and Fisheries Statistics for the Pacific Islands SPC/FAO Technical By Invitation
20 17–21 August (Nadi) Launch of Fiji NSDS and associated planning workshops Paris21/SPC Technical By Invitation
19 10–12 August (Brisbane) Annual meeting of the Brisbane Accord Group on CRVS ABS (on behalf of BAG) Technical Restricted (BAG Members)
18 28–30 July (Bangkok) UNESCAP Regional Steering Group for CRVS UN ESCAP Technical Steering Group meeting By Invitation
  • SPC (CRVS Specialist, SDD) on behalf of BAG
17 27–31 July (Noumea) 2020 Round Pacific Population and Housing Census Planning Meeting SPC Technical / Planning By Invitation
  • Heads of 15 PIC NSOs/Timor Leste NSO or their designated census commissioners, and senior representation from ABS, SNZ
  • Invited data users (SPC technical divisions, regional/international technical agencies)
16 13–24 July, (Guam) Data analysis and report writing course for vital statistics SPC (on behalf of BAG) Technical – training in analysis of civil registration and routinely collected birth, death, and cause of death data By invitation
  • Health statisticians and National Statistics Staff from FSM, RMI, Palau, Guam and CNMI by application
15 2–4 June (Noumea) 3rd Pacific HIES Technical Working Group Meeting   SPC Technical Review progress on development of common HIES methodology and standardisation of outputs By Invitation (TWG members), plus:
  • Invited selected PIC /partner agency HIES data users
14 1–3 June (Suva) 1st Pacific Micro Data access policy development workshop (hosted by Fiji Bureau of Statistics) Paris21/SPC Technical Pacific data producers and users to discuss and consider policy options for micro data access By Invitation
  • Invited NSOs; micro data users
13 1–2 June (New York) 1st constituting meeting of the SDG Interagency Expert Group on Monitoring    United Nations Statistics Division Technical  - indicators for global monitoring and reporting Restricted (Members of Expert Group)
12 26 – 29 May  (Nadi) Pacific Statistics Steering Committee SPC Half-yearly steering committee meeting Restricted  (PSSC members)

25 – 29 May  (New York) United Nations Statistics Division Expert Group Meeting on Statistical Classifications United Nations Statistics Division Technical – biannual, bringing together classification experts from across the world. By Invitation (Members of Expert Group)
10 19 – 22 May, Incheon, Korea World Education Forum UNESCO Once every 15 year meeting of the world’s Ministers of Education, Leaders, NGOs and development partners By Invitation
9 4 – 5 May, Nadi DFAT Regional Forum: Financing TVET in the Pacific DFAT Technical/Planning By Invitation
  • National TVET and Education staff
8 29 April – 1 May, Nadi Education Staff Development Program (ESDP) workshop being run by World Bank on ICT in Education and EMIS World Bank/DFAT Training By Invitation
  • DFAT, World Bank, SPC-EMIS
  • Selected PIC EMIS national counterparts
7 30 March – 1 April (Paris) Paris 21 Board meeting Paris21/OECD Annual Board meeting Restricted  (Board members only)
  • SPC  (Director,  SDD)
6 25 – 27 March (Bangkok) Biannual Meeting of ESCAP Committee of Statistics   UN ESCAP  Bi-Annual committee meeting; review/endorse ESCAP Statistics Division work programme Restricted (invited participants)
  • Invited NSOs
5 23 – 24 March (Bangkok) 6-Monthly Meeting of ESCAP Technical Advisory Group on Population and Social Statistics (under the Committee of Statistics) UN ESCAP Technical working group. Develop/monitor ESCAP work programme on population and social statistics (production/ capacity development) for the ESCAP Region Restricted
  • nominated members of TAG (NSOs, regional bodies)
4 23 – 24 March (Bangkok) 4th Meeting of the Steering Group for the regional Programme on Economic Statistics UN ESCAP Technical – to develop work plan for 2015-2017 (2nd Phase), based on review of RPES Restricted (Members of Steering Group)
3 20 March (Bangkok) 4th meeting of the Regional Steering committee for Asia and the Pacific for the Global Strategy to improve Agricultural and Rural statistics. FAO Technical Restricted (Members of Regional Steering Committee)
2 9 – 10 March (New York) Final meeting of the MDG Interagency Expert Group on Monitoring    United Nations Statistics Division Technical  - indicators for global monitoring and reporting Restricted (Members of Expert Group)
1 27 February – 6  March ( New York) United Nations Statistical  Commission United Nations Statistics Division Annual Commission meeting of the world’s national statistical agencies OPEN
  • All NSOs
  • UN specialized  agencies
  • IGOs with statistical mandate (e.g. SPC, CARICOM) 

(update: GH, 8 August 2015)