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Historical and current analytical tables of SPC-member countries on Gross Domestic Product, Prices, International Merchandise Trade, Balance of Payments, Tourism Arrivals, Tourism Earnings and Employment. Users can also explore analytical Regional Tables to see how countries are doing relative to each other, and ascertain their relative contribution to the Pacific Region.
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Regional Visitor Statistics

PAYS / TERRITOIRES Arrival numbers / Nombre d'arrivée
  2013 2014 2015 2016 2017
 American Samoa 49,313 51,614      44,045      38,285      42,316
 Cook Islands 120,774 r 121458 p 125130 p 146,473p 161,362 p
 Federated States of Micronesia 42,109 35,440 31,200 29,600 nc
 Fiji Islands 768409 r 780271 p 868596 p 962952 p 1027309 p
 Guam 1,334,497 1364465 r 1,409,050 1,535,518 1,543,990
 Kiribati 4,981 3,005 2,095 4,029 6,600
 Marshall Islands 4,333 4,776 6,452 5,336
 Nauru 1,581 2,991
 Niue 5,129 7,661 8,206 8,920 11,556 p
 Northern Mariana Islands (CNMI) 438,908 459,240 478,922 501,489 621,846 p
 Nouvelle-Calédonie 493,678 528,823 558,075 625,139 613,975
 Palau 111,145 146,867 168,764 146,629 122,050
 Papua New Guinea 182,188 191,442 198,685 197,632
 Pitcairn nc nc nc nc nc
 Polynésie française 164,393 180,602 239,077 241,339 254,358
 Samoa 124,673 131,795 139,043 146,089 157,515
 Solomon Islands 24,053 20,070 19,524 23,194 25,709
 Tokelau nc 42 120 81 70
 Tonga       59,665    65,801      72,553      86,662      86,579
 Tuvalu 1444 r 1527 r        2,541        2,609        2,560
 Vanuatu 357,405 329,013 287,423 351,599 332,659
 Wallis et Futuna nc nc nc nc nc


  1. Overseas visitors include sea and air arrivals. It includes same-day-visitors i.e. visitors from the cruise ship as well.
  2. nc means data have not been compiled
  3.  … means data may have been compiled but not made available to SPC
  4. The Aviation Desk of Wallis and Futuna who collect arrival data do not make a difference between local and foreign travelers. Therefore, there are no statistics available on visitor arrivals.

Economic Statistics Regional Data

Pacific Regional Economic and Tourism Data can be viewed on our National Minimum Development Indicator Database (NMDI) Summary Pages.

It is important to note that although these comparisons only show data for the 15 Pacific Countries, we will be extending this to the US and French Territories (with full translation).

  1. Economic Development Indicator Summary (6 Indicators, that range from GDP, CPI, Trade Balance and Tourism Figures)

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Coordination paper on Technical Assistance on Pacific Core Set of Economic Statistics for the PICTs

A paper on Technical Assistance on Economic Statistics for the Pacific Island Countries and Territories (PICTs) which provides a good guideline on the allocation of leadership roles and secondary roles amongst partners providing technical assistance to their member PICTs.

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Economic useful tables

Regional Standards and Classifications for use in the compilation of economic statistics can be found here.
Updated by Economic Team, SDD, 16th July 2018

  PACIFIC ISLAND COUNTRIES IMTS tables More to come ...
 American Samoa  Excel icon American Samoa_IMTS Tables.xls  
 Cook Islands    
 Fiji  Excel icon Fiji_IMTS Tables.xls  
 French Polynesia    
 Federated States of Micronesia  Excel icon FSM_IMTS Tables.xls  
 Kiribati  Excel icon Kiribati_IMTS Tables.xls
 Marshall Islands    
 Nauru  Excel icon Nauru_IMTS Tables.xls
 New Caledonia
 Northern Mariana Islands  Excel icon CNMI_IMTS Tables.xls
 Papua New Guinea  Excel icon PNG_IMTS Tables.xls
 Samoa  Excel icon Samoa_IMTS Tables.xls  
 Solomon Islands
 Excel icon Solomon Islands_IMTS Tables.xls  
 Tonga  Excel icon Tonga_IMTS Tables.xls
 Tuvalu  Excel icon Tuvalu_IMTS Tables.xls  
 Vanuatu  Excel icon Vanuatu_IMTS Tables.xls  
 Wallis & Futuna  

Up-coming Workshop

International merchandise trade statistics:
Focusing on goods traded under preferential trade agreements

Fiji, 26 February to 2 March 2018

The Pacific Community, in partnership with the Pacific Islands Forum Secretariat, the Oceania Customs Organisation, and the Melanesian Spearhead Group Secretariat, will be conducting a technical workshop entitled International merchandise trade statistics: Focusing on goods traded under the preferential trade agreements, from 26 February to 2 March 2018 at the Pacific Islands Forum Secretariat in Suva.

The reason for holding this workshop is twofold: the first is to deepen the knowledge of Pacific Islands statisticians on preferential trade agreements applicable in the region and the practice through which the goods are traded under these preferences; the second is to identify those goods for the compilation of detailed, reliable and timely official statistics.

The workshop will provide an overview of trade agreements in general, how the agreements work and their benefits, and the range of commodities traded and how they can be identified at source for the compilation of official trade statistics. Representatives of trade and border agencies will also share practical approaches to improving access to, and the quality of, trade statistics in the region.

Statistics on goods traded under the preferential trade agreements are needed by Pacific Islands governments for the effective monitoring of the implementation of the preferential trade agreements, and for meaningful policy formulation leading to positive adjustments to trade regimes in the region.  

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