[VIRTUAL] 5th Pacific Statistics Methods Board (PSMB) Meeting - July 2020

Kind of event

The meeting will cover:

  • Session 1: International Development Association (IDA) project: Statistical Innovation and Capacity Building in Pacific Islands (PacStat)
  • Session 2: High Frequency Phone Monitoring Survey
  • Session 3: Poverty guidelines for monetary poverty analysis
  • Session 4: Labour Market Module in Pacific Population and Housing Census
  • Session 5: Update on matters as per October 2019 PSMB meeting report
  • Session 6: Utilization of administrative databases in Census programmes of Pacific Island countries
  • Session 7: Administrative Matters

Useful Materials

Presentation Documents and Links
PSMB4 Oct 2019 Meeting outcome statement link
PSMB4 Oct 2019 Meeting report link
PSMB5 Participants list pdf
PSMB5 Information note pdf
PSMB5 Agenda pdf
PSMB5 IDA Project Operations Manual (POM) TOR pdf
PSMB5 High-frequency Phone Monitoring (HFPM) Concept note pdf
PSMB5 ILO-SPC module on economic characteristics for population censuses pdf
PSMB5 Population register TOR pdf
PSMB5 National Data Collection Workshop Concept note pdf
PSMB5 S1 PACSTAT project Introduction and the role of the Pacific Statistics Methods Board pptx
PSMB5 S2 ESCAP National Data Collection Workshops Impacts of COVID-19 pptx
PSMB5 Poverty Guideline pdf