10th Statistics Methods Board Meeting (PSMB)

Auckland, New Zealand
Kind of event

The Pacific Statistics Methods Board was established to provide oversight and guidance on the statistical methods, systems and procedures used by Pacific Island Countries and Territories. This is to ensure they are in line with international best practices, while at the same time relevant to the Pacific unique situation.

After a series of meetings held virtually, the 10th PSMB Meeting will be held physically in Auckland, New Zealand; virtual attendance, however, will be guaranteed to presenters who cannot travel to New Zealand.

During the meeting, progress made in the PACSTAT Commissioned Work 1 and 2 and Innovative experiments will be presented, along with a new Guidance note on monetary poverty measurement in the Pacific. Two sessions will be dedicated to the use of administrative data in PICs and innovation; the PSMB’s reviewed TOR will finally be presented, along with updates on the new Board’s Vice-Chair.

Useful Materials

Presentation Documents and Links
PSMB10 Oct 2022 Agenda Draft pdf
PSMB9 April 2022 Meeting summary report and outcomes link
PSMB10 Revised TOR pdf
PSMB10 Microdata Dissemination Short version pdf
PSMB10 Microdata Dissemination Covering note pdf
PSMB10 The Challenges of Maximizing the use of Microdata in PICTs, Prof. Wadan Narsey pdf
PPT Microdata Dissemination pptx
PSMB10 Climate Change in the Pacific pdf
PPT Climate change and natural disasters survey module pptx
PSMB10 PACTSTAT Guidance Note: Monetary Poverty measurement pdf
PPT PACTSTAT Guidance Note: Monetary Poverty measurement pptx
PSMB10 Multidimentional Poverty Methods pdf
PPT Multidimentional Poverty Methods pptx
Stats NZ’s experience on transformation to Administrative Population Census: challenges and opportunities. pptx
PSMB10 A Pacific road map to increase use of registers or administrative data in census (and, potentially, other statistical outputs). Sept 2020 link
PPT Pacific population registers roadmap pptx
PSMB10 VBS PACSTAT Proposal for Innovative Experiments and Statistical Research pdf
PPT PACSTAT Proposal for Innovative Experiments and Statistical Research pptx
PSMB10 Discussion Software Use Survey pdf
PSMB10 NSO Software use Survey analysis results 2020 pdf
PPT NSO Software use pptx
PSMB10 PNG Population Data Collection and Assessment Project 2021-2023 pdf
PPT PNG Pop Estimates pdf
PSMB10 Oct 2022 Meeting summary report and outcomes link