Social statistics are about the communities in which we live, population behaviours, and the supporting systems that cater for minority and disadvantaged groups.

Key Reports

pdfMitigating the Impact of Natural Hazards on CRVS Systems: the Case of Vanuatu
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pdfHow to generate offline maps for survey solutions in QGIS
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pdfSetting up offline maps in survey solutions server
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pdfImpact of the covid-19 pandemic on operations of national civil registration and vital statistics (CRVS) systems: 2020
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Key Chart
Key Chart
Vanuatu recorded deaths by sex

News & Publications

Changes in Consumer Prices in Selected PICTs in 2020

May 31, 2021
The outbreak of COVID-19 in the PICTs in 2020 led to many job losses, especially in the tourism and related industries, and a significant slowing-down in overall economic activity.

Curriculum on medical certification of cause of death for PICTs report

May 18, 2021
The Curriculum on medical certification of cause of death for Pacific Island countries and territories report is now available.
A death certificate is a permanent record of the fact of and characteristics of death. It provides important personal information about the decedent, the circumstances and cause of death and serves as the main source of mortality statistics for a country.

A new tool to help register every birth and death

May 10, 2021
A well-functioning civil registration and vital statistics (CRVS) system is the cornerstone of good, sustainable governance and is key to social and economic development; The CRVS Systems Improvement Framework report is now available.

Knowledge Series 1 - Population registers: Definitions and conceptual framework

May 4, 2021
Population registers are recognised for their dual role of providing critical information about the civil status of individuals within a population. In the Pacific, to the extent known bySPC, there is no evidence of a country that implements a functional population register.