Industry and services

Industry and services statistics aim to provide information on recent developments in Pacific economies’ industry, construction, wholesale and retail trade, and services. They are important tools for the formulation, monitoring and evaluation of economic policy. In particular, they are used for the purpose of business cycle analysis.

The indicators in this domain aim to provide recent information on developments in the sectors on the consideration. They cover developments in ares such as turnover, production/volume, prices, wages and salaries, and number of people employed.

Key Chart - 2011
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News & Publications

Palau 2023 Gender Fact Sheet

August 31, 2023
The Palau gender fact sheet provides a range of indicators based on the last 2020 Palau population census.

Nauru 2021 population and housing census: analytical report

August 23, 2023
The Nauru Bureau of Statistics today released an analytical report on the 2021 Population and Housing Census.

Marshall Islands 2021 Census report Basic tables

May 30, 2023
Welcome to the Volume 1 basic tabulations of the Marshall Islands Census conducted in 2021!

Unlocking Data Assets: Encouraging Re-use and Access to Survey Microdata

April 4, 2023
SPC's Statistics for Development Division seeks to support the whole statistical life cycle - from identifying an enduring need that data can support, through design and collection, and ultimately the analysis and dissemination of insight that feeds into decision-making.
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Key Reports

pdfKiribati National Development Plan 2020-2023
PDF  |  10.72 MB  |  Government of Kiribati

pdfKiribati 20-Year Vision 2016-2036
PDF  |  5.66 MB  |  Kiribati Government Ministries and agencies

pdfRepublic of the Marshall Islands 2021 census report volume 1: basic tables and administration report
PDF  |  3.63 MB  |  Marshall Islands.

pdfSetting up offline maps in survey solutions server
PDF  |  654.9 KB