Webinar on the Management of Statistics Capacity Building in the Pacific

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Pacific Community (SPC) has started an initiative to explore and identify the unmet needs for statistics in the Pacific region and undertook the region wise comprehensive needs assessment . This needs assessment work will contribute to the development of the regional Capacity Development Framework , which is aimed to identify the needs and the appropriate capacity development modalities at three levels: system, institutional/organisational, and individual more information can be found in a working paper aimed to highlight main features of the framework.

Statistical Capacity Development has also been one of the key focus areas in the Strategic Framework for Pacific Statistics 2022 30 which was endorsed and approved in the 6th Heads of Planning and Statistics (HOPS6) meeting held in Noumea from October 3 5, 2023. More information about HOPS6 is found here

The United Nations Statistical Institute for Asia and the Pacific (SIAP) is a professional statistics training center for government officials and others working on official statistics. SIAP also collect feedback from Asia and the Pacific region to prioritise statistical capacity building needs. 

The webinar is aimed at streamlining the statistical capacity development in the Pacific by making informed decisions and identifying systemic areas to focus on in the coming years.

About the webinar 
Target audience and objective: 
Target audience for the webinar is staff of national statistical systems working on capacity building activities in the Pacific , including managers working on strategic issues as well as staff of international organizations. 

Objectives of the webinar include: 
• Share the results of SPC and SIAP’s needs assessments for statistics from the Pacific Region, 
• Seek inputs from the Pacific region Leaders in Statistics on priorities and approaches to capacity building (NSOs and representatives from other agencies representing the National Statistical System), 
• Share good practice in organising capacity building activities in the Pacific.