Update from Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Along with this new website project, the Statistics for Development Division (SDD) has cleaned up all previous websites we were using to make this website a single entry point to all the information you may be looking for.

SDD main website redesigned

SDD new website tries to answer all users needs by integrating all the information and data we previously shared accross multiple websites and systems, including:

  • Statistics by topic: you can now have a better overview of the statistics we collect, organized by topic
  • Statistics by country: access information about each of SPC member countries, including key. numbers and links to their own website for further information.
  • News and Events: get up to date with what's happening at the Statistics for Development Division.
  • Governance: learn how we work and how SDD is involved in the Pacific region.
  • Data and Resources: find out more about a range of online data products and tools, various collection methodologies we are using, and access all training material we produce.

Our new website also includes a powerful search engine to help you find information, documents and reports available online.

Our old website will remain available online for the next few months if you need to access it.

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PRISM website discontinued

The PRISM project is now over, but all information the website used to hold is now included in our new website:

  • National Statistics Office websites: browse the list of SPC country members and access their website from their own dedicatory page.
  • Data and Resources: Find out more about systems and tools we use here at SDD.
  • Reports: All reports are now available by topic and by country. You may also look at the census and survey calendar where reports are published as soon as they are available.
Events and workshops

We previously had specific websites for events such as TYPSS, HOPS, and so on.

All information, plans and related documents are now gathered in one single place:
The SDD events page.

You can also find events related to a country in country pages, or related to regional groups and organizations from the governance pages.

Microdata library

Microdata are unit-level data that has been gathered by sample surveys, censuses, and administrative systems. They provide information about characteristics of individual people or entities such as households or even geographical areas such as villages or towns.

Microdata we collect is now held on a the Pacific Data Hub Microdata Library website.

NMDI replacement

NMDI website, our statistics database, is unfortunately way out of date.

We have indeed been working on this new SDMX application ".Stat" provided by the SIS-CC community. SPC is now a member of this community, partaking in the strategy and collaborating in the open source project.

We are still adding data in this new system, and planning to have it released by the end of the year.

SDD Innovations

Last but not least, learn and follow every project we are working on from our innovation blog, now included in our main website.


About the project

SDD Website Redevelopment

SDD Web Redesign

The Statistics for Development Division conducted a User Focus Survey in 2017 (here is a summary of the User Focus Survey, and an article with background information). As a result of this survey, and working closely with Statistics New Zealand and a consulting company called Maven in Wellington, we reviewed the SDD, PRISM and other associated websites in order to better meet the needs of users. All users will be glad to know that we are in the process of developing a new site which we hope to have available for testing by the middle of 2019. You can follow the progress of the development via this page.

One of the key differences users will notice is that we are moving away from a website which is structured as Demographers and Statisticians “think” to instead be structured as users think. That means it will revolve around themes and key words such as population, energy, trade, births and deaths rather than census, HIES, CRVS which don’t necessarily mean anything to users. We will also structure data by Country, so for example the Kiribati page will have the most recent reports for Census, HIES, DHS, a link to the Kiribati PopGIS, the Kiribati NSO website and anything else related to Kiribati. There will also be a powerful search engine which will easily enable users to search through all articles and databases.

Another key feature is that the new website will be dynamic – all documents will be stored in a document library, all statistical data in a database and all other datasets in the Pacific Data Hub. There will only ever be one copy of a document or dataset, and all changes only take place once, rather than in multiple locations. The site should be much cleaner, and easier to update than the current site.