Population Dashboard for all Pacific Island Countries and Territories now available on Pacific Data Hub

Nguna Women_VU

The Pacific Data Hub has now made available a comprehensive population dashboard for all 22 Pacific Island Countries and Territories.

The dashboard is designed to be an interactive data visualisation tool where users can see various population indicators, charts and maps filterable by country or territory. 

Below are two stories taken from the new dashboard.

French Polynesia and Samoa are projected to have a similar population size in the future but show different age compositions.

French Polynesia and Samoa have quite different population pyramids.

Samoa has a smaller proportion of the population aged 70+ (3.4%) whereas French Polynesia’s population aged 70+ is higher (5.2%).

The population pyramid shows that Samoa’s population is concentrated in the younger age groups with 57% of the population younger than 25 years. French Polynesia’s population has 37% younger than 25 years of age.



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