International merchandise trade statistics workshop on compilation, analysis, dissemination, indicators and uses announcement

Nadi, Fiji
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International trade is important to the Pacific region. In many Pacific Island Countries and Territories (PICTs) the value of international trade exceeds the value of national gross domestic product. Imports provide Pacific people with access to food and other products which they cannot produce for themselves, this is especially true for the low-lying coral atolls. Exports provide opportunities for employment and act as drivers of economic growth.

Useful Materials

Presentation Documents and Links
Concept Note pdf
Agenda pdf
Participants List pdf
Evaluation Form pdf
S2 Workshop overview pptx
S2 Regional Training Workshop on International Merchandise Trade Statistics Compilation, Analysis, Dissemination, Indicators and Uses pptx
S2 Introducing PACER Plus pdf
S3 Trade for SDGs for IMTS pptx
S3.1 Trade price indexes pptx
S3.1 Linking Trade with Business statistics pptx
S3.1 Introduction to international trade and IMTS pptx
S3.2 Use of IMTS as inputs into other statistical compilations pptx
S3.2 Trade price indexes pptx
S3.2 Import leakage in Tourism pptx
S3.3 Legal framework pptx
S3.3 Trade price indexes pptx
S3.4 Data sources pptx
S3.4 Trade price indexes pptx
S3.5 Scope and coverage Shuttle trade pptx
S3.6 Time of recording pptx
S3.7 Commodity classifications pptx
S3.8 Quantity measurement pptx
S3.9 Mode of transport pptx
Trading On-line pptx
S3.10 Data quality and metadata pptx
S3.11 Turning data into information pptx
Opening address - Regional Trade Stats workshop by Peter Ellis pdf
S3.12 Pacific Customs commodity trade database pptx
S3 Data in the trade of Agriculture Produce in the Pacific Islands Region pptx
S4.1 IMTS 2010 and 202X: Scope & Recording Principle & Time of Recording pptx pptx
S4.2 IMTS 2010 and 202X: Trade System pptx pptx
S4.3 Revising Standard International Trade Classification (SITC) pptx
S4.4 Classification by Broad of Economic Categories (BEC) pptx
S4.5 IMTS 2010 and 202X: Valuation pptx
S4.6 IMTS 2010 and 202X: Partner Country pptx
S4.7 Data Processing and Database Management pptx
S5 Trade dissemination French Polynesia pptx
S5 Data Dissemination FBOS pptx
S5.8 Data Dissemination pptx
S5.9 Revision of Manuals on International Trade Statistics Overview pptx
S6 Trade in the Pacific pptx
S6 IMTS Dissemination Federated States of Micronesia pptx
S6 Pacific Data Hub overview pptx
2022 IMTS workshop outcomes pdf