Workshop on Network security and Web-based infrastructure

A week long workshop has recently been conducted (27th-31st August 2015) in Port Vila VANUATU with the technical support from the Secretariat of the South Pacific Community to drive the rollout of the Ministry of Education and Training’s OpenVEMIS initiative, supported by the Vanuatu Education Support Program (VESP). This initiative, designed to improve quality and timeliness of data collected from schools across VANAUTU to support effective evidence based decision making.


The workshop on network security addressed a wide range of skills surrounding network communications, internet threats and countermeasures. In addition to providing foundational training in Microsoft server software with practical application in a test-lab environment to reinforce skills of the participants from both OGCIO and the Ministry of Education and Training.

This workshop underpins broader plans in Vanuatu to support the policy and planning in the education sector through the OpenVEMIS initiative launched in 2013, working to enable schools and communities to share information and school data online utilising the E-Government Infrastructure.

As this initiative progresses, many schools in Vanuatu stand to benefit from this emerging web-based infrastructure to allow secure access to information from the Ministry of Education and Training with access to useful online resources to support their own school policy and planning. While more broadly, the public are encouraged to visit the MoET website for more news and updates in the Education sector.

The Ministry of Education and Training in Vanuatu looks forward to further opportunities to collaborate with the Office of the Government CIO and the Secretariat of the Pacific Community in the development of its human resources and systems to support the Education Sector.