Cook Islands CRVS Process Mapping Workshop

Raro, Cook Island
Kind of event

This workshop, largely funded by Vital Strategies, will map the current birth, death and marriage registration processes, including paper flows with Health and Statistics, with representatives from the national CRVS committee and wider public service. This will identify improvement opportunities and barriers to moving to an e-CRVS system, such as processes, IT infrastructure, legislation, and institutional arrangements, and develop new “to-be” process maps. It will also document interoperability opportunities and requirements for new e-CRVS systems with particular focus on health, statistics, immigration, passport and the regional data systems.

Useful Materials

Presentation Documents and Links
CRVS 2023 Brief ToR pdf
CRVS 2023 Introduction to BPI pptx
CRVS 2023 BPI Agenda pdf