Provisional Pacific Sustainable Development Indicators

SDG Goals

The first quadrennial Pacific Regional Sustainable Development Report will be released after the Pacific Forum Leaders meeting in Nauru in September 2018. The 132 development indicators chosen from the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to provide the baseline assessment of the state of development in the Pacific region are shown in the following link. These indicators, approved at the Pacific Forum Leaders Meeting held in Samoa in 2017 as part of the Pacific Roadmap for Sustainable Development, have been compiled from multiple sources, including national census and household surveys, educational management information systems, health information systems, budget papers, online databases and derived measures from development partners. The indicators are still being validated with countries and may be subject to revision and updating prior to the finalisation of the Pacific Regional Sustainable Development Report. A new interactive database is being created by SDD to allow Pacific countries to share their development indicators. This will be available by the 3rd quarter 2018.

Download the indicators